Different Blackjack Variations Online

Blackjack is the most popular card game played in casinos across the world and it is increasing in popularity online also. “What’s so Tempting about Playing Blackjack?” you ask? Compared to other casino games there are many variations and it actually involves some skill! Free versions can also be found online where you can polish your skills before playing with real money. Online casinos offer this exciting card game in many variations.

Pontoon: The British version of Blackjack, Pontoon has the same aim – beating the dealer by getting more points than him without exceeding 21. Having a 21 with an Ace and a 10 or a face card (Jack, Queen, and King) whose value is 10 is called a Pontoon. Pontoon can be played with 2 to 8 players (or more if 2 decks are used). You definitely want to try/play this version of blackjack with the best only. We found an article on the best casino for Canadians and their favorite games, you should check it out as the casinos available in Canada might be in your region.

Spanish 21: In this variety, the game is played with a Spanish deck, which is a deck of 48 cards (without 10s’). The rules were changed a little so that players have slightly more chances of winning, so it remains hugely popular with online casinos as well as ordinary casinos.

Blackjack Switch: If you like splitting cards, you will like this variation. You have to split and play two hands per round. To get the winning combination, you are allowed to switch the card dealt second from each hand. Here the question is to switch or not to switch. More details? Visit and find more information about the history of blackjack.

Vegas Strip: This version is very popular in Las Vegas casinos (hence the name), but is also available in online casinos. The rules are almost the same as in ordinary blackjack except that you are allowed to split aces just once.

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