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Enlightening Details On How To Tell Online Casinos Are Not Scams

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Online casinos have become increasingly popular in the recent past. This is mainly attributed to the fact that people are able to play in a more convenient manner regardless of where they are. But with this increase there have emerged a lot of scam online casinos. Even veteran player have lost their money through these scams. This makes it paramount to know how to make sure online casinos are not scams. If you are based in Canada you want to make sure to get the best information and reviews about online casinos. is a great example of what a great site should be. Other than that, here are the details you need to look into :

There are certain online casinos that are well known to be genuine. These casinos have been able to establish themselves among many players. You can easily identify such casinos through reading reviews and testimonials from people who have used them in the past. Such people will recommend certain casinos which are known to be genuine. There are even websites that review the many online casinos and come up with lists of the ones that are genuine. By visiting such websites you will be able to identify the casinos that are genuine and trusted by many people.

Terms and Conditions
Before playing in any online casino it is paramount to go through the terms and conditions. The importance of this is that you will be able to understand the rules and regulations of playing in the different casinos. Most likely you will find a lot of legal details on the rules and conditions of the casinos. In case you do not understand the legal terms you can request for assistance from people who are conversant with the terms such as lawyers. If you go through the terms and conditions you will be able to tell whether the casinos are genuine or scam.

Pay Out Delays
If you play in a certain online casino and it takes long to get your money you should know that it is a scam. This is because genuine casinos will always pay on time. A delay of about a week or more should show that the casino is most likely a scam. The scam online casinos always have excuses on why they are not paying on time. It is normal for the payments to take some time mainly because of the many logistic details. But if the delays are very long you should know that you are about to lose your money.

Payment Options
Genuine online casinos will always have a number of well known payment options such as the casinos available at, a french canadian site. This gives the players a number of options to pay in a convenient manner. But if you find an online casino that only accepts cash payments you should know you are about to be scammed. Such a casino shows that it does not have a good relationship with the major payment options. It also shows that the casino does not want to have history of the payments that are made by the players.

The major and genuine online casinos are always available at all times regardless of the day or time. You will be able to play from anywhere provide you have a gadget that has good internet connection. But if you find an online casino that is not available at certain times you should know that it is a scam. Such a casino  will most likely delete the website after taking money from unsuspecting players. Therefore, by checking the outlined factors you can be able to tell whether a certain online casino is genuine or is a scam. If you are looking for a 24/7 customer service, check the casinos available on clickonlinecasinos and get the best gambling experience!